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Cincy Workshop College: The Big Questions

BGV in partnership with VonLehman & CPA Advisory Firm brings you six months of content, and connections that will help your business succeed in 2017.

What is GROW?

GROW is for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge and skills, to grow their business. Each monthly workshop is centered around a different topic, so you can come to a few that interest you or attend them all!

This month’s topic is College: The Big Questions¬†

Our society is facing a significant crisis specific to college. Student loan debt may be the #1 concern of our economy in the near term with a $1.2 trillion bubble. Our broader community is crying for talent. Too many students cannot find their way. Students and parents deserve better. This presentation is designed to help students and parents make a more informed decision about post-high school education.

The workshop is to be held in VonLehman’s new training center on the 3rd floor. A box lunch will be provided. Free parking anywhere in the lot. You are welcome to come as early as 11am. Early bird $30! Register here.