Business Education Courses


Bad Girl Ventures offers business education classes in key functional areas such as: marketing, sales, finance, and accounting that help entrepreneurs get their businesses started and positioned for growth.  Our goal is to provide local startups with the business education, connections, and access to capital they need to start their businesses, and run them successfully for a long time to come.


Our Cincinnati location offers a three-phased education program approach: Explore, Launch and Grow. Each phase addresses the most critical education, best practices and guidance needed to support the business as it moves from idea stage, to launch to growth stage. We also offer an optional loan competition as part of the Launch phase. Our classes are open to the public for bad girls and bad guys alike.


EXPLORE is held at the Hamilton County Development Center (HCDC)‘s Business Center, Room  160, located at 1776 Mentor Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45212. LAUNCH is held at the BGV office 114 West Pike Street in Covington KY.


Each class is taught by successful business owners and professionals from the local community who have in-depth experience in their fields. Every class session is followed by a one hour, one-on-one coaching session where experts in the industry spend time answering questions. Learn more about our classes below.

1. EXPLORE Phase:  (Coming Fall 2017)

Format: Class meets 1 night per week for 9 weeks. Each class is 3 hours.

  • Who Should Attend:First-time entrepreneurs, or early-stage business owners who have never written a business plan.
  • Learning Objective:Attendees will explore the feasibility of their business idea, and create a strategic business plan.
  • Outcome: Participants will finish the course
    • Knowing whether or not they want to be an entrepreneur
    • Exploring if their business idea is viable or not
    • Having a completed Business Model Canvas
    • With access to over 900 connections of Bad Girl Alumnae, coaches, facilitators, staff, and friends of BGV
  • Support Staff: Professional experts
  • Timing: 9 weeks, from 6-9 pm. Held 2 times a year in the Fall and Spring.
  • Location: Hamilton County Development Center (HCDC)’s Business Center, Room 160, 1776 Mentor Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45212
  • Selection Process:Anyone can attend
  • Cost: $250 per person *Refund policy – 50% prior to 3rd class

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 2. LAUNCH Phase: (Coming Fall 2017)

  • Format: Class meets 1 night weekly. Each class is 3 hours (of instruction and coaching with assigned mentor).
  • Who Should Attend: Entrepreneurs and business owners who have a viable, well vetted business, and have been in business with revenue and a client/customer base. They are seeking capital to go to the next level.
  • Learning Objective: Attendees will learn how to prepare and execute key startup milestones from each functional business area in order to launch their business.
  • Support Staff: Professional experts and mentors
  • Funding: Optional loan competition. Selected winner will be awarded a BGV business loan. All will receive coaching on accessing capital.
  • Timing: 8 classes over 8 weeks, from 6-9 pm.
  • Location: Hamilton County Development Center (HCDC)’s Business Center, Room 160, 1776 Mentor Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45212
  • Selection Process: Applicants will go through an evaluation process and will have to meet specific requirements in order to participate in the classes. Graduates from the Explore phase are also accepted if they meet the criteria.
  • Cost: $500 per person ($250 for an additional business partner) *No refund

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 3. GROW Phase:

Format: Single workshop on a specific, different, and current business topic offered once a month.

  • Who Should Attend: Established entrepreneurs and business owners who are planning for growth, expansion and financing.
  • Learning Objective: Attendees will advance their knowledge and best practices of specific business topics.
  • Support Staff: Expert Coaches
  • Timing: Once a month throughout the year starting in TBD
  • Location: Will vary 
  • Selection Process: Anyone can attend.
  • Cost: $20 per person, per workshop. Includes free lunch!

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EXPLORE Curriculum – Validate Your Idea and Create a Plan:

Each class is 3 hours

Week 1 – Pack Your Bags

  • What it means to be an entrepreneur
  • Business idea validation
  • Unique value proposition
  • SWOT analysis
  • Business Model Canvas

Week 2 – Determining Your Destination (marketing)

  • Competition
  • Target market
  • Customer profiling
  • Market size, trends
  • Where to find information

Week 3 – Charting Your Course (marketing) 

  • Market positioning and branding
  • How to name your business/product
  • Logo/branding
  • 4 Ps of marketing

Week 4 – Embark on Your Journey (marketing)

  • Low cost marketing and sales tools
  • Marketing vehicles and metrics
  • Social media, website, SEO, content
  • PR and media
  • Budgeting

Week 5 – Getting the Lay of the Land (accounting part 1)

  • Startup costs
  • Startup budget
  • Understanding unit costs
  • Calculating break-even point

Week 6 – Currency Exchange (accounting part 2)

  • Understanding Financial Statements
  • Sources and uses of Cash
  • Payments to owners, personal vs. business expense

Week 7 – Recounting Your Steps (credit)

  • Credit report
  • Credit score
  • Business credit score
  • Insurance
  • Source of funds


Week 8 – Check Your Passport (legal)


  • Legal landscape for businesses
  • Entity formation (LLC, protection, filing, tax)
  • Contracts (signing contracts, what constitutes a contract, breach)
  • Intellectual Property (Patent, Trade Secrets, Trademarks)
  • Employees (employee vs contractor, hiring, firing, non-compete)

Week 9 – Reflect on Where You Have Been

  • Perfecting your 60 second pitch



Launch Curriculum – Launch Your Business:

Each class is 3 hours (two hours of class, one hour of coaching)

Week 1 – Business Plan and Pitch
Elements of the business plan

 60-second pitch vocal branding


Week 2 – Sales Strategies

 A conversational approach

How to tie in your pitch

Overcoming objections

The ask

Closing the sale


Week 3 – Media & Marketing Mix

Digital vs. traditional marketing strategy

Elements of a marketing plan




Week 4 – Social Media Strategy    

Tools & tactics

Creating the right plan for your business

Content planning


Week 5 – Human Capital & Culture 



Performance management

Learning & development

Career planning & succession

Defining your core values

The case for culture


Week 6 – Cashflow Management

 Operating cycle: working capital mgmt., cashflow mgmt., and inventory mgmt

 Capital budget

 Breakeven point

 Operational budget

  Intro to cash flow projection


Week 7 – Financial Management & Software  


Accounting software

Cashflow projection


Week 8 – Legal Topics & Funding

Business entity



Intellectual property

Funding sources panel: Angel investor, SBA, Bank, Crowd funding, etc.


All LAUNCH participants will receive a BGV Certificate of Completion and loan recipients will be announced.

Grow Workshops – Advance Your Knowledge to Grow Your Business:

Independent workshops will be held to cover unique and current business topics. Each workshop will cost $35. *30 early bird

Workshop Topics* Include: (click to register)

  1. Women in the Workplace: Finding the Leader Within Yourself– June13th
  2. It’s All About Talent: Recruit, Develop, & Retain – TBD
  3. Can You Outsource Your Accounting Department? – TBD
  4. Next Steps for Your Business: Succession Planning/ M&A / Valuations – TBD
    *We may offer new topics throughout the year, so keep checking!