You can change someone’s life.

As BGV strives to accomplish its mission of developing and supporting sustainable 
female-owned businesses, we need your support. Without the support of volunteers
 willing to share their time, knowledge, and support, BGV would not be able to offer
 quality educational opportunities or be able to positively and meaningfully impact the 
lives of female entrepreneurs.

We are confident you will find that volunteering with BGV is mutually beneficial
 for everyone involved. The courage and conviction driving the individuals who 
participate in our programs is inspiring. The enthusiasm of the individuals who take 
our classes, and the incredible journeys of the finalists in our micro-loan program
 have inspired us to expand the amount of support we offer.

If you feel inspired to join us, e-mail info@badgirlventures.com.

The following is an explanation of the different ways you can get 

Faculty: Faculty members are individuals that teach a class as part of the nine-week series. The opportunity to teach during the nine-week session is more limited. However, workshops/lectures/panel discussions on topics not covered in class are offered to delve deeper into subjects introduced during the class session.

Mentor: A mentor is someone assigned to work with one of our finalists for the entire 9-week education session. Mentoring requires a substantial time commitment (one meeting per week). Mentors are asked to help the finalists review homework, make community connections, and provide general support and advice throughout the session. Please fill out this spreadsheet to tell us about you and what your skills are.

Coach: A coach is someone who meets with the bad girls during the hour following instructor to address questions on the topic covered. We ask that you attend the whole session so you can better answer questions on what was taught. If the BGV curriculum includes a class in your area of expertise we would ask that you try to attend that coaching session. If you are interested in coaching please fill out the spreadsheet above in the “Mentor” section, so we know what your expertise is in. We will then email you to sign up for the appropriate session before our classes start.

Homework Review: Our finalists are required to complete homework. If you have expertise in a particular area, you may sign up to review homework in that particular area. We hope to eventually allow non-finalist class participants to submit homework for review. The commitment is flexible and reviewers may choose how many items they wish to review.

Resource List: If a finalist is having difficulty in a particular area of his or her business,
we use the resource list to find someone that may be able to offer advice. We also hope to create a general resource list for all class participants and alumni. All lists will be managed by the director of operations and will not be distributed. Contacts will only be provided on an individual and as needed basis.

BGV Volunteer: BGV, like any other business, has administrative needs. We also hold several events and need individuals willing to help with set-up, check-in, etc. and need resources in a variety of other areas including catering and printing. In addition, our organization is in a critical building period and is preparing for expansion. We are looking for individuals interested in offering guidance and resources to aid us in this process.