Bad Girl Ventures

Renters Boom

Property management gets social

Renter’s BOOM specializes in designing, building and running contests and promotions for property management companies, using social media. They do this in order to make the leasing process easier and cheaper by collecting quality reviews and referrals from current renters as well as accurate data from prospects.

The Unexpected Big Boom

Renter’s BOOM has had a whirlwind of success in the past two years, one of which was receiving the Bad Girl Ventures $25,000 loan. Initially, when Lindsay decided to enter BGV as a finalist in the fall of 2012, she thought that she would be just meeting new people and expanding her network. She also anticipated that the program would help sharpen some of her business skills. Little did she know the program would do so much more. During the 9 week program, the focus of Renter’s BOOM changed and so did Lindsay’s perspective on her business.

Moving in the right direction

Since BGV, Renter’s BOOM has been growing and receiving validation from clients and funders. They have expanded their operations and have hired 3 new employees and established an office in the Historic Cleveland Agora. The people that she met and the knowledge that she gained from Bad Girl Ventures has been invaluable to Lindsay; neither she nor her business would be the same without the program.