Bad Girl Ventures

Your Event Sitters

Finding a sitter is as easy as going to a party

Your Event Sitters, LLC was founded in February 2011, after Ellen Cavanaugh, Chief Entertainment Officer, stumbled across a wedding blog about babysitters at weddings. Through her research of this babysitting realm, Ellen discovered the world of “Event Sitting” on the East and West coasts and decided to join forces with her daughter, Angela Parker, Chief Fun Officer, to embark on launching an event sitting company in the Midwest.

A night without the kids doesn’t mean you have to leave them at home

Your Event Sitters provides convenient, on-site childcare at events. The company’s mission is to keep families together under one roof and allows for parents to bring their children with them to events. It gives parents the freedom to enjoy the event they’ve been invited to while their children are taken care of in a safe and fun environment nearby.

Where an idea becomes a business

After 1-½ years of operating and hearing nothing but positive feedback about the Bad Girl Ventures program, Ellen and Angela applied to and became a finalist in Fall 2012’s Class 6 program to compete for a $25,000 loan. They went into the class with the expectation of learning business fundamentals, but finished with a completed business plan, invaluable business relationships and networking connections, and a $10,000 loan! The most important lesson they learned going through the Bad Girl program is the belief in the dream as business owners is a reality and that the work put into a business determines how successful it will be.

The kids are growing up

Since graduation, Your Event Sitters have been able to give their company brand a new makeover, launching a new logo, website, and print materials. Business has grown 140% since this time last year. They’ve acquired some reputable corporate clients, including TP Mechanical, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and the National Underground Rail Road Freedom Center. They also secured a Blanket Purchase Agreement with the Ohio National Guard, becoming one of two preferred childcare vendors in Ohio for military programs. They have become Women Business Enterprise (WBE) Certified and Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) Certified. Ellen and Angela are ecstatic about the growth of their organization and applying the knowledge obtained from participating in the Bad Girl Venture program to future business growth.