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Dogtown Cincinnati

Finding a very unique niche, and running with it

Megan Prather, a true dog lover who was raised with many high-energy dogs, had just gone through a particularly challenging adoption of an adult dog with some behavioral issues and severe separation anxiety when she realized none of the services out there could provide her and her dog with the care they needed. The hours weren’t convenient. Kenneling seemed almost cruel to her anxious pup. And the prices never seemed to meet the convenience.

This sparked the idea for Dogtown Cincinnati: A pet care facility that would cater to the owner as well as their pets. With flexible, extended hours and cageless pet care, Dogtown would meet the needs of pet owners working or living near downtown Cincinnati who don’t always work the 9-5 shifts, wanted affordable yet high-end care for their furry friends.

Groomed for success

In May of 2011, Dogtown Cincinnati opened its doors introducing a fun, home-like, interactive pet daycare and boarding business that caters to pet owners who work long or unusual hours. Offering dog and cat daycare, kennel-free boarding, grooming, training, short or long-term care, and a pet supplies shop.

They offer busy pet owners a place to take their pets where they can play, socialize, exercise, and learn in a structured environment while they work or travel. Regardless of their work schedules, owners can benefit from Dogtown Cincinnati’s services because there are no restrictions on pick-up and drop-off times. Another unique feature of Dogtown is it’s curbside valet service at drop-off, which allows busy owners to get on with their day quickly!

When the parents are away, the dogs (and cats) will play

Their slumber-party style, group boarding accommodations are designed to mimic the setting of a typical home, including televisions, couches, and beds throughout. Dogs thrive on routine, so regular downtime and bathroom breaks outside are part of their schedule.

Dogtown prides itself on being honest and transparent. The facility has 15 live web cameras that can be watched by owners any time of the day from anywhere in the world, and a customer viewing window where pet owners can watch what’s going on in the playroom live! Plus, a human always accompanies dogs, even overnight.

Dogtown is located between the central business district of Cincinnati and the medical campus of the University of Cincinnati, which is an central location that is convenient for anyone in the city. After completion of an expansion of the facility, which will allow for more pets, Dogtown also employs 15 full and part time employees to date. It stands apart from its competitors not only because of its unheard-of flexibility, central location, and affordable pricing, but also due to its highly regarded kennel-free, disciplined philosophy.