Bad Girl Ventures


Starting a business to help women start businesses.

Bad Girl Ventures, Inc. (“BGV”) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2010 with a single vision – to help educate female entrepreneurs and provide them with the tools to be successful in order for them to have a significant, positive economic impact on the local community.

Many women are excellent artisans, or have great ideas for a new product or service, but lack the training to launch and run a successful company. They also struggle with obtaining capital to grow their businesses. It is our goal to take the passion that stems from these wonderful entrepreneurs, and help shape it into something more.

What started as an opportunity to help women-owned businesses in one city has grown into a statewide organization, educating hundreds of female entrepreneurs. From its inception in 2010, BGV’s effectiveness has been proven as it rapidly has grown to serve over 600 women throughout Ohio, and help secure nearly $500,000 in loans.

The Bad Girl Family just keeps on growing.

BGV leverages over 3,000 volunteer hours per year and boasts a thriving intern program. And this is just the beginning.

Passionate leadership.

In 2012 Corey Drushal took over as the Executive Director of BGV. After joining BGV in 2010 as a volunteer, she quickly established herself as the Bad Girl to lead all Bad Girls. Her passion and drive for everything that BGV represents made her the clear choice as the leader of this team. Her leadership and ability to focus on the main mission of the company will help propel BGV towards the greatness it helps all of its participants achieve.

Since its early days, BGV’s excellence has been recognized widely throughout the community. BGV looks forward to continuing to grow and some day be a part of every city. There are Bad Girls out there ready to make their mark and BGV hopes to help them do just that.